Forty years ago the Watergate scandal deeply wounded Americans’ faith in government. Since then, good-government reformers and big-government opponents have been on a shared mission to make everything transparent. The problem is that too much light is scaring members of Congress away from making the tough choices necessary to govern in the national interest.

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“In this valuable and judicious book, Jason Grumet explores the root cause of our political dysfunction, which is that the culture of collaboration that was once the foundation for American democracy has been denigrated and eroded. Fortunately, he’s an optimist, and his book describes a virtuous cycle that could restore, step by step, our government’s ability to solve problems.”

- Walter Isaacson, award-winning author and president and CEO of the Aspen Institute

“This is one book that was so hot that it had to be held until after Labor Day. You need to pick up the fun and insightful read of Jason Grumet’s City of Rivals. As one half of a bipartisan couple, I know partisan politics pretty well and Grumet’s skillful handling and master of the subject matter in City of Rivals highlights the hope for bipartisan solutions.”

- James Carville, political consultant and commentator

“Kudos to City of Rivals for embracing constructive partisanship. Jason Grumet understands that the secret of American politics is the ability to advocate with passion and grace. This book captures the essence of America’s strength. Let the best ideas win.”

- Mary Matalin, political consultant and commentator and former assistant to the president

“Jason Grumet’s provocative book shows how conventional wisdom can steer us in the wrong direction and how reformers acting with the best of intentions have unintentionally paved the way to our present dysfunction. But his timely, important, and refreshingly optimistic book also maps a way forward with a compelling defense of ‘principled compromise’ among party leaders who regard each other as worthy rivals rather than bitter enemies.”

- Larry Kramer, president of William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and former dean of Stanford Law School

“When it comes to exploring potential solutions for today’s historic levels of congressional dysfunction, Jason Grumet brings a unique and compelling vantage point as founder and leader of the only Washington ‘think tank’ that actively promotes bipartisanship to address America’s most monumental challenges. City of Rivals offers a fascinating perspective on the origins of the current, crippling hyper-partisanship, and provocative recommendations for fostering the kind of cross-party collaboration that is essential to enabling Congress to produce results once again.”

- Former Senator Olympia Snowe

City of Rivals traces how the elements that make BPC so effective are being driven out of the federal government. America’s leaders today don’t know each other well enough and they don’t trust one another deeply enough to harness the sort of collaboration we need to succeed as a nation…City of Rivals boldly explores how many well intentioned and popular efforts to make government work better are doing just the opposite.”

- Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, from the Foreword

“The unconventional insights offered…provide a practical and optimistic vision of how to get America back on track. It is good reading for anyone who wants to understand what’s gone wrong in the nation’s capital–and required reading for anyone who wants to do something about it.”

- Former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole, from the Foreword
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Jason Grumet

is the founder and president of the Bipartisan Policy Center, which promotes practical solutions to the country’s public policy challenges. He previously directed the National Commission on Energy Policy and is respected on both sides of the aisle for his innovative approach to improving government effectiveness. He has a B.A. from Brown University and a J.D. from Harvard University. He lives in the Washington, D.C. area.

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